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168 Oriental


Popular South West Oriental Supermarket asked Openware to build an online shop to take orders from existing and new customers. However, due to logistics only certain areas will be eligible for local delivery. In addition, customers must spend over a certain amount and will only be allowed to purchase one bag of rice per order.


Research - Business analysis of local competitors and SWOT. Present and offer a range of different technology solutions.
Content creation - What relevant keywords should be used when describing products.
UX Design - Protoyping and establish the "look and feel" which includes how the data is presented to the end user - the online customer.
Digital Branding - Introduce company branding and ensure consistency throughout delivery.
Artwork & Photography - Photos transformed into professional digital artwork.
Agile - Launch working online store, then continue editing and refining.


We are currently working on this one!!

Outcome - creating those special moments

Website: www.168oriental.com