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Digital Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Digital Solutions

Digital transformation is the evolution of businesses through the use of new digital technologies. We can help you maximize customer experience, facilitate new processes, and ultimately, improve company revenue. Our Digital transformation solution allows you to make empowered data-driven decisions through comprehensive gathering of data, and ensuring that information is behind all your actions.

Every business is different, that's why we like to take the time to get to know you before helping your embark on your digital journey.

How it works?

Intial consultation

We like to talk through your requirements, to ensure that we fully understand your business before we recommend any strategies. This involves quesitioning your specfic and more general business objectives, any current digital systems, identify priorities or any major issues. An understanding of what's most important enables us to deliver the features that provide the most business value to your business. The information collated from our first consultation will act as your brief, and our digital strategies based on this brief. As are an Agile solutions provider this brief will continue to evolve as we begin delivering your solution.


Every success digital solution relies on research and some form of analysis. This typically involves looking about any existing company website facts, social media traffic and current marketing activities. We also look at what other marketplace factors that could be affecting your business performace, such as current major trends and what your competitors are currently offering.

Do the work

If it's a website or ecommerce solution, we will build a UX wireframe (think architect) then a mockup with any agreed branding in place. This is also known as a proof of concept which will give you a taste of the real finished solution. The next step is to build a working prototype with all the "must have" features. Once you are happy with this protoype we will then launch it live on the internet, the key benefit of releasing earlier is that you will see the business value and benefits sooner compared to traditional waterfall projects. From experience this is by far the fastest and most efficient way to get instant feedback from your customers and with each cycle improve (make better).

Feedback and improve

We believe in working collaboratively to keep projects moving along smoothly. It allows for greater transparency and provides a unique opportunity for your business to be involved throughout the project. During each iteration, there is an opportunity to constantly refine and reprioritise features/requirements. Your digital solution is a living project that should be regularly tweaked and improved upon as you go - especially once you start to drive into data insights.

Digital Journey as a continuous lifecyle

As digital technologies continue to evolve, it means there are more platforms and touchpoints helping to bring in more opportunities to connect your target audience on a much deeper personal level.

Throughout the entire digital customer journey, we'll use web analytics to gather insight on where your website visitors are coming from, what they’re doing and more importantly how you can get those vital conversions on your website.

As always, we believe in working collaboratively to keep projects moving along smoothly.

We are passionate about finding creative solutions to technical problems, connecting with your customers and building a successful digital strategy.