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Go Go Fit


UK startup asked Openware to devise and execute a social media programme that would help prove its value to customers – and find new ways to develop relationships beyond the core activity. Develop an online social community to build customer following and retain existing customers.

With hundreds of resistance bands on the market - how can we make your product stand out and increase your chance of success? Should you only rely on selling via Amazon's marketplace? What are the other alternatives?


Discovery - Help establish and identify what makes the business different from the competition.
Research - Facebook, Instragam, Twitter and YouTube were identified as the core social channels, since many customers are already actively engaged on these platforms.
eCommerce - In addition to Go-Go-Fit's Amazon store, customers can access the dedicated online store which will provide an alternative purchasing channel.
Content Marketing - Creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts. Utlimately, this should include details about the product, it's USP - what value it brings to the end user. Content should be engaging with potential customers who are interested in using resistance bands as a form of exercise.
Digital Branding - Create something that is instantly recognisable.
Artwork & Photography - Professionally taken photos and design instructions on how to use the product.


We are currently working on this one!!
Social Media- If they are engaged, they will feel more of a connection to a brand and be more likely to remember it.
Website: www.go-go-fit.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/go-go-fit
Hashtags: #gogofit #resistance