Let's go on a digital journey...
Rokewood Ltd


ROKEWOOD LTD has been commerically growing oriental vegetables since 1987 with a produce portfolio that includes over 20 different varieties including popular being Pak Choi (Bok Choy). Openware was asked to build a professional looking website and maintain social media pages.


Content creation - Creation of useful company information, about the produce (vegetables) and recipes content.
UX Design - Simple to navigate and clean website.
Branding: Produce consistent artwork for printing and social media.
Artwork & Photography - Photos transformed into professional digital artwork and leaflets for roadshows.


Digital presence - Feedback from the client's customers regarding the website has been very positive. The suggestion of Facebook and Twitter to increase online presence and as another form of communication was well received.
Website - Successfully delivered on time, and continued to offer technical support with other areas.

Outcome & Highlights

Website: www.rokewood.co.uk | www.cherryfarms.co.uk
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/RokewoodLtd/