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Website Solutions

Website Solutions

We are passionate about finding creative solutions to technical problems, connecting with your customers and building a successful digital strategy.

It's not just any website, it's your website! Don't forget your landing page is like the storefront of your business and for this reason it's worth investing research and time into what makes your visitors convert into customers. REMEMBER - Your website must work in concert with the overall marketing.

Define & Ideate Requirements - getting you started

Not sure how to start? Don't worry, we will explain all the techical jargon and help you start your digital journey. So, please do ask us if you don't quite understand how websites or the internet works!

We will have a good chat about what you would like your website to achieve and what features you would like to have. If you would like to sell services or products on your website then please see our eCommerce section.

Analyse & Design - let's do some planning...

We will guide you through the best website design practices and on how we can help you build a professional website. All our website designs are responsive, this means that the your website will also look aweseome on mobile devices.

If you have existing branding, we will incorporate this in your designs to ensure that you have a consistent professional look and feel throughout. If however, you don't have any branding in place, we can help you explore your design options and build brand awareness.

No web content? In that case, we will get to know your business and customers - this will be the starting point of your content. What questions are potential your customers asking? Does your business or product satisfy their needs? What's your USP?

Prototype & User Testing

Your digital website experience is a living project that should be regularly tweaked and improved upon as you go, rather than waiting for weeks before you get your first peek. We believe in working collaboratively with all our clients, its that best way to get to know you and your business needs.

Today's digital world is a lot more than a website, so in addition to building a website, we also provide consultancy on how best to align other digital channels sich as Social Media and Digital Marketing (SEO).

How can we do this? Well firstly, we will build a UX wireframe (think architect) then a mockup with any agreed branding in place - this is more or less a proof of concept which will give you a taste of the real thing. Next, we will build a working prototype then if everyone is happy press the "GO" button (put on the internet). Its by far the fastest and most efficient way to get instant feedback from your customers and with each cycle improve (make better).

Review & Analyse

Like with all our digital deliverables, we like to get going straight away and deliver regular cycles of your solution. Frequent feedbacks allows us to tweak the original requirements, help discover and understand which elements of your website design are working and which aren’t.

Website Management & Administration

We offer training to all our clients so that they can readily update their own website. However, we are finding that most of our clients are too busy with other aspects of the business and as a result has asked us to to continue website maintenance such as domain, hosting, SSL and emails. As well as the technical aspect, we also offer website and email administation, this involves updating your website content (also Social Media pages) and assisting you with answering emails.

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